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Nominated For


“Johnson stages the production marvellously…proves himself expert in how to utilise ensemble"

- WhatsOnStage

“The inventiveness of Dean Johnson’s direction keeps the enterprise afloat”

- Telegraph

“Direction from Dean Johnson draws emotion out of every scene”

- BroadwayWorld

“A unique example of contemporary art. Johnson has proven what can be created with vision, talent, and a willingness to experiment.”

  -  BroadwayWorld

“Brilliant direction from Dean Johnson, this is a beautiful looking production that doesn’t fail to make you smile.”

- All That Dazzles

“Johnson’s keen eye, editing and a facility for adaptation, allows First Date to translate effortlessly into an online production.”

- The Stage

"Godspell was phenomenal"

- Mark Shenton

“A masterclass in staging”

- The Overstudies

“Beautifully and simply shot”

- The Daily Mail

"Dean Johnson's cinematic direction smoothly transports you.”

- BroadwayWorld

“Endearingly brought to life with great style by Dean Johnson”

- LoveLDNLoveCulture

“Dean Johnson’s cinematic approach shows how far innovative directors have come.”

- Musical Theatre Review

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